operation theatre

Vision & Mission

Affordable & Quality Health For All

  • To develop hospitals with quality and affordable medical services for all. To develop hospitals with team of qualified and experienced professionals who create medical centers of “Confidence and Happiness” OPD, Emergency services, therapeutic and curative primary, secondary and tertiary care (in select Specialties) with special emphasis to Gynecology, Orthopedics and General Surgeries to the rural population.
    • To provide comprehensive care in .
    • All the specialties for the rural population in region and its catchment area.
    • To provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost.
    • To constantly educate the community to the concept and philosophy of healthcare services and its importance for the Family, Community and Society and to create confidence among the people in utilizing these services.
    • To create market based awareness amongst the rural population through the platform of mobile phones.
    • To support and supplement special health related activities and preventive programs.
  • To encourage and support programs to integrate traditional/ indigenous and western systems of health care practices.