company profile

Company Profile

Rajbhra Medicare Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified rural Healthcare company for the last 10 years, having commenced Rural Health Care operations in 2001 by way of operating Mobile Medical Clinics in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttarakhand. In 2013, Rajbhra Medicare Private Limited diversified into rural hospitals and commenced commercial operations of Uttrakhand Government outsourced four 30 bedded Community Health Centers.

Rajbhra Medicare Private Limited is a complete Rural Healthcare company having an ambition to set up chain of ‘Affordable and Quality’ health care hospitals across India. Rajbhra, believes, health services to be affordable for all, irrespective of their income bracket. Quality health has be provided at affordable prices by specialized and experienced doctors.

Rajbhra acknowledges the efforts of the doctors in providing medical services and therefore, the salaries offered are perhaps the best in the Industry today in India. Rajbhra hospitals DO NOT resolve to unethical medical revenues and each Rajbhra Hospital is medical Service Unit which enthuses- CONFIDENCE & HAPPINESS to the patients.

Rajbhra Medicare Private Limited is promoted by an Indian Air Force Officer, who resigned his commission after serving the Nation for 16 years and walked into the world of business to provide ‘Affordable and Quality’ health care for all. Wing Commander Rajnish Casshyap visualized that for a strong and sturdy nation, ‘Affordable Health’ for the Rural & Semi Urban areas is very essential to build a strong nation.