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Rajnish Casshyap


Wg Cdr(Retd).Rajnish Casshyap is an Electrical Electronics Engineer from Aligarh Muslim University. Having passed out from AMU in 1987, he renounced his Canadian nationality, even though he had a job with GE, Canada, and choose to join the Indian Air Force to serve India. He specialized in surface to Air Missiles (SAM) in the Air Force, and as destiny would have it, He got more Opportunities from the Indian Air Force to further specialize on UAV’s which later got inducted in the IAF. He availed every opportunity from the Indian Air Force to constantly learn and execute Perfect Management and manage people to deliver on time and with perfection. The tool of perfecting Crisis Management, prompted Rajnish Casshyap, to resign his commission in 2001 and venture into the world of Entrepreneurship. Rajnish Casshyap joined Rajbhra in August 2001 as its Managing Director.