Rajbhra Hospital Sherpur

Rajbhra Hospital at Sherpur is the first Speciality Hospital for rural India which is 40.1 kms from Dehradun and 29.1 Kms from Saharanpur at NH72A. The Rajbhra Hospital is an Affordable and Quality Health care facility for Rural Population of the region.

The Hospital provides the following services (a) Gynaecology (b) General and Specialized Surgeries (c) Orthopedic Surgeries  (d) Cardiac Medicine (e) General Medicine (f) Trauma Care (g) ICU and and Neo Natal ICU services.

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The Rajbhra Hospital at Sherpur is a 140 bedded hospital with two fully functional Operation theatres. The Rajbhra Hospital primarily caters to maternal deliveries and C-sections, General Surgeries, Orthopedic Surgeries, Cardiac Medicine, General medicine, and Trauma care. ICU and Neo Natal ICU are also available in the Hospital.  The rates for  Medical rates for  the services are affordable and competitive in the market and quality of health delivery is par excellence.

The team of medical processionals are best in the Industry and are from various experienced backgrounds.  Some of Surgeries undertaken at Raipur have been the first of their kind in any  outsourced government hospital. Raipur is a health delivery model appreciated and lauded by the World bank and various International organizations which have visited Raipur CHC.

Rajbhra Hospital Team

Dr. Padmini Joshi  MBBS, ( GYNAE)


Dr Nisha Ben is the  is highly experienced gynaecologists having an experience of over 47 years. Dr Nisha Ben has been instrumental and backbone of the Naugaon Community Health Center (CHC), which is working under Public Private partnership with the Government of Uttrakhand. Dr Nisha Ben in her tenure of of nearly 3 years at Naugaon conducted well over 800 normal delivers in the Naugaon CHC region. She has been associated with Rajbhra since Sept 2013.


Dr. R K Sexena MBBS MD (Radiology) 


Dr Sexena is one of the leading radiologist of Uttrar Pradesh and has an experience of over 37 years in Radiology.


Dr.                  , MBBS MD (ANESTHESIA) 






Dr. Dwipannita Kalita

Dr.Dwipannita is Lady Medical Officer at CHC-Raipur

Dr. M P Maithani

Dr. Madhav Maithani MBBS, MS (Surgery)


Dr Maithani is a retired Army Officer who served the Indian Army in short service commission before venturing into the private sector. Dr Maithani is one of the leading surgeon of Uttrakhand and he has performed some of the most complained surgeries in Raipur Hospital which is working under Public Private Partnership with the Government of Uttrakhand. Dr M Maithani is the Senior Surgeon at Rajbhra Hospital Sherpur.